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By mohamaod
We present with PowerPoint the scholarship lesson, its rulings and etiquette, the subject of courses, the general objectives of teaching Hadith 1 courses, which are:

That the study contributes to the development of wealth among the female students, whether in word, meaning or style.
That the study of the hadith contributes to the development of religious determination among students
That the students appreciate the great and valuable efforts that our ancestors made of a novel in order to investigate its truthfulness and authenticity and in order to collect, record and preserve it in the future as an original source and a refined source of Islamic law.
To train the students on how to deduce the rulings and rules from the Prophet
That the students communicate directly with the second source of the two sources of Islamic law. It is the purified Sunnah and to take from it the truth of its religion and to stand on its moral, social and economic legislation that aims to develop.
That the female students imitate the personality of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, and make of his life an example for them to follow in theirs. The Almighty said: {You have in the Messenger of God a good example for him who hopes for God and the Last Day and remembers God a lot.}
That the students have the ability to distinguish false and fabricated hadiths, or at least with some doubt towards the hadiths, and they are reluctant to accept them and act upon them until they are confident of their authenticity by the appropriate methods for them and to which they are guided during their studies.
That the students be aware of the differences between the noble hadith and the Holy Qur’an so that the nature of each of them is distinguished from the other.
That the students stand on the position of. Or on the position of the Islamic religion. And that you know that it is a second source of Islamic legislation after the Qur’an, and that it is detailed and explained in its entirety, in addition to that it is a source of guidance, guidance and direction, and that it deals with the real lives of Muslims in more detail, so it organizes for them their sales, trade, travels, wars, dealings with their neighbors from countries and individuals, their spouses and their celebrations....etc.
To familiarize the students with their nature, types, source and the method he followed in narrating, transcribing, preserving and authenticating them, as well as what is related to his degree or rank in terms of verifying them.

تحاضير وحدة The best of the past مادة فلاينق هاي 4 الفصل الدراسي الثاني

The secondary school course system aims to bring about a qualitative leap in secondary education, with its objectives, structures, methods and contents.

The secondary school course system seeks to achieve many goals, including the following:

Contribute to achieving the goals of the education policy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from secondary education, including:
Strengthening by which the student’s view of the universe, man and life in this world and the hereafter is straightened.
Enhancing the values ​​of citizenship and social values ​​for the student.
Contribute to the learners the appropriate amount of useful knowledge and skills, according to a systematic planning that takes into account the characteristics of the students at this stage.
Holistic personal development of the student; Diversify the educational experiences provided to them.
Reducing wastage of time and costs, by reducing repetition and failure in studies and the resulting psychological, social and economic problems, as well as not repeating the entire academic year.
Reducing and concentrating the number of courses taught by the student in one semester.
Develop the ability to make the right decisions in her future, which deepens her confidence in herself, and increases her demand for school and education, as long as she studies based on her choice and according to her abilities, and in the school she wants.
Raising the level of achievement and behavior by accustoming the student to seriousness and perseverance.
Providing the student with the basic requirements that enable her to possess the requirements of practical and professional life by providing a skill that is required to be studied by all students.
Achieving the principle of education for mastery and mastery using various learning strategies and methods that allow the student the opportunity to research, innovate and think creatively.
Develop the student’s life skills, such as: self-learning, cooperation, communication, teamwork, interaction with others, dialogue, discussion and acceptance of other opinions, within a framework of shared values ​​and the higher interests of society and the nation.
Develop dealing with various learning resources, modern technology and information and employing them positively in practical life
Develop positive attitudes related to love of productive professional work, sincerity and commitment to work.

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