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By DonaldOther
Создание сайтов любой сложности. Большой опыт работы по созданию и продвижению сайтов
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By StephenEnalf
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By MartinDib
Low-down is stimuli that has substance in some structure payment its receiver. When data is entered into and stored in a computer, it is typically referred to as data. After processing -- such as formatting and printing -- yield data can again be perceived as information. When facts is compiled or second-hand to ameliorate be conversant with something or to do something, it becomes knowledge.

The data-information-knowledge-wisdom prototype illustrates this hierarchy. Structured as a pyramid, the epitome was created to prove that figures can be captured in contrasting formats, analyzed and converted into extraordinary forms. Each level of the pyramid represents a unusual approach or level of abstraction as follows:

The separate, raw facts more a fact situation with no assay or exegesis applied.
Applying chronicle and explanation to matter to modify it useful.
Info that has percipience, framework and a frame of reference applied so it can be interpreted.
Discernment is converted into wisdom by means of applying judgment and movement to the information.
Real-world example of the data-information-knowledge-wisdom pyramid
Inquire about bid adieu how a real-world exempli gratia of the data-information-knowledge-wisdom pyramid works.
What is data?
Data refers to the tender information. In the structure of tidings technology (IT) and computing, it is data that a software persistence collects and records. Facts is typically stored in a database and includes the fields, records and other data that put together up the database. It can be accessed and manipulated digitally, and it is fleet and easy to carry volume computers.

Data is nonchalant from a diversification of sources, such as computers, sensors and devices. It is typically acclimatized in business, science and engineering. Matter is ordinarily presented in the accumulate of numbers, but it can also come as subject-matter, visuals, graphics and sounds. Data can also be analyzed and acquainted with to engender poop that could not be obtained beside perfectly looking at the original data.

The most vulgar types of statistics in information sphere are the following:

Quantitative figures is numerical data, or statistics that can be expressed mathematically. Discreet and persistent data are types of quantitative data.
Qualitative facts is facts that cannot be unhurried, counted or by far expressed with numbers. It is details that comes from hornbook, audio or images. It can be shared using statistics visualization tools, such as timelines, infographics and in sum clouds.
Purported facts is the simplest concoct of details in statistics. It is matter that is worn to name or characterization a capricious; it isn't utilized to gage things or consign them in any order. Examples of insubstantial data comprise ethnicity, gender, sensitivity color.
Ordinal figures is data that takes on values within a known selection and follows a natural order. A tired example of ordinal text is receipts levels where incomes are ranked in certain ranges, such as $0-$50K, $50K-$75K, $75K-$100K, etc. The purpose of ordinal matter is to prestige items in order of pre-eminence or value. The numbers are not worn after calculations.
Discrete information, also called direct data, is text that is divided into distinct categories, or groups, that are distinctly different from each other. With discontinuous information, just a precise loads of values are practical, and those values cannot be subdivided. In support of warning, the mob of people a company employs is a separate statistics point.
Continuous figures is a with regard to used to describe statistics that is measurable and observable in physical time. It can be cautious on a gradation or a continuum and subdivided into finer values. Persistent figures is often recorded at position intervals and then analyzed using statistical software. The amount of chance it takes to over a charge is an model of continuous data.
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