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I write the following HTML code but i don't know, where it save users data please explain. O take this code from this video.
Source code:
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  <title>Register Form</title>
    <td>Name :</td>
    <td><input type="text"></td>
    <td>Password :</td>
    <td><input type="password"></td>
    <td>Gender :</td>
     <input type="radio" name="Gender"> Male
     <input type="radio" name="Gender"> Female
    <td>Email :</td>
    <td><input type="email"></td>
    <td>Phone no :</td>
     <input type="phone">
    <td><input type="submit" value="Submit"></td>
HTML code is use to give layout of web page. To make that layout attractive, we use CSS. To make that web page interactive on user side, we use JavaScript. This three (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) are client site programming language.
Now to save users data, you also need server site programming language and a database.
I already make a video on How to connect registration from using php and MySQL.
Hope this will help you.
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