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By seomail
Before starting with the practical part of how to use the tool, it is important that you have a better understanding of what Google Analytics is.GA is a Google online data analysis platform that, by installing a code on the site pages, collects information from users and transforms them into reports.It is an excellent tool to better understand the audience of your site and measure the results of digital marketing, being one of the main tools of a strategy.It allows you to track various information about your domain, such as the volume of visits, the time the user spends on the pages, the source channels and even conversions.That is, you will have a plate full of data to better understand who your people are and thus make your marketing strategies even more effective!Google Analytics Guide Download the free ebook by leaving your email and learn to use the tool like an expert of Google Analytics for marketing strategies As the famous phrase of the statistician William Edwards Deming says: "what is not measured cannot be controlled." When the subject is digital marketing, measuring the results of the campaigns and understanding the behavior of the visitors who access your site is essential.After all, nowadays, any decision making and the definition of marketing budgets became directly conditioned to the analysis of this data.The concern with understanding user behavior within a site or application is so great that it is possible to find a wide variety of web analytics tools available.There are super complete analysis tools such as Adobe Analytics and Mixpanel, free applications to generate heat maps such as Hotjar and Crazyegg and even open source software that can be installed on your own email database server such as Matomo the old (PWIKI) and Open Web Analytics.Each of these applications has positive points and specific functionalities, but without a doubt, Google Analytics is the most complete tool you will find.Google Analytics is free, has a friendly interface, easy integration with other Google products, extremely high data processing capacity, and allows the extraction of customized reports for different needs. From the most basic analyzes to the most complex reports.In this article, we are going to share some basic tips and interesting reports so that you can take your analysis to another level.How to install Google Analytics First of all, the first step to start analyzing and measuring user interactions on your website is to install the tracking code on all pages of your domain.To carry out the initial configuration of Google Analytics, we recommend that you use a tutorial or detailed instructions on how to implement the code according to your level of knowledge, platform or language used in the programming of your site.In all cases, regardless of the chosen alternative, you will need to have an active GA (Google Analytics) account, a configured property and obtain the Google Analytics tracking code, which we will call from UA.
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By Chinapouts
The different measurements on the metric system are not hard, but expressing things backwards is.

I could deal with kilometers per liter easier than l/100km.
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By Chinapouts
Welcome Mayur Your traveling history sounds rich and full of experiences which we would love to hear

Welcome aboard, looking forward to see you around more
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Hello seomail, thank you so much for sharing this guide on how to use the Google analytics tool. In fact, I and my friends are interested in the tool because we want to know how websites rank in the google search engine. I will send this link to them later after I finish playing Card Game 29 and open world games. If you want you can join. Just tell me if you are interested. Hope to receive a response from you as soon as possible. Bye!
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